Front Line Workers Thank You Contest

As a society, we have never been more indebted to first responders; to doctors, nurses, cleaners, truck drivers, farmers, grocers and all the other people who risk their own health in an effort to care for us and ensure that we have food and other necessities.

As a romance writer, my contribution feels minimal as I shelter at home, write, bang pots and say ‘thank you’ as many times as I am able.

In another effort to show gratitude, I am offering 20 ebooks of A Debutante in Disguise. The draw will be random. In order to enter, I ask only that you visit my Facebook Page and post a ‘thank you’ or positive story about any profession or worker that has helped or supported you and your family during these difficult times.

I chose A Debutante in Disguise because it features one woman’s determined journey to be a doctor. I loved writing it and learned so much about the history of medical science. I thank every researcher, past and present.

In the event that you have read A Debutante in Disguise, another Eleanor Webster novel can be substituted.

 I wish all my readers health and happiness.



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